computer hacker

How To Know If Your Computer Has Been Hacked

Of the many nightmare scenarios that today’s high-tech world presents us with, ranking right up there at the top of the list is your computer getting hacked. It brings with it a sense of violation and loss of control and privacy that’s generally reserved ... Continue Reading →
Touchscreen presentation of MS Office 365

Why to consider Office 365 for IT business?

Businesses are always looking for ways to use technology to drive improvements in efficiency and productivity. With the new tools available today, more and more enterprises are looking at using cloud-based services. Going with this approach means that you always ... Continue Reading →

Syntax Highlighting in Microsoft Word

If you’ve ever tried copy-pasting source codes into a Word document, you know what a nightmare it is to apply syntax highlighting. Most probably, you have to manually apply colors on sections of source code. While searching for a solution, I came to know about ... Continue Reading →