Music: Keiko Matsui – A Prolific Recording Artist

Hey guys, I should let you know that recently I’ve been learning music. One day a friend recommended me to listen to Keiko Matsui‘s music. That was the first time I heard her name and after purchasing her album “Moyo“, I’ve got to admit that she’s an ... Continue Reading →

Active Desktop Recovery Fix

One of the reasons I avoid using Windows (XP) most of the time is its horrible error handling. Today a friend of mine called up early in the morning to say that his Windows XP powered workstation was stuck at the Active Desktop Recovery screen, even though he had ... Continue Reading →
build a multi boot usb stick

Create a Multi-Boot Live USB

Before tonight, I used to think that creating a dual or multi-boot Live USB setup was a difficult, if not impossible, task. But today I came to know about the MultiBoot application that will help you create a multi-boot LiveUSB to run more than one Linux distributions ... Continue Reading →

Blender3D – Complexity of a Sphere

If any of you have ever wondered what can possibly be made using Open Source softwares, here is a wonderful example of what can be achieved using Blender3D, the open source, cross platform suite of tools for 3D content creation. Designed by the German artist, ... Continue Reading →

Giving Your Pictures HDR Look Using GIMP

Before I start writing this article, I’ve to admit that I’m a big fan of HDR photography. HDR photographs are so full of magic but all this magical goodness comes with a price. Not everybody is equipped with high-quality photography gears. Cams that support ... Continue Reading →
business success with a custom logo designed by professionals

Why Have a Custom Designed Logo?

In today’s world where graphic design tutorial sites are mushrooming up in every nook & cranny of the World Wide Web, nobody seems to like a template-based design. It’s a complete no-brainer if someone decides to take the template-route. The reason is pretty ... Continue Reading →

Track your mouse activity on a heat map

Yesterday I came across a really interesting tool while stumbling upon visual design sites over at StumbleUpon. It’s a simple Java applet that allows you to track your mouse pointer activity and although it’s only available for Windows & Mac, I tried the ... Continue Reading →

Is your site globally accessible?

What we, as designers, usually do? We design websites, buy domains for them, host them on one of the fastest web servers. Then we optimize the site so it loads faster even own slower connections. To make it easily discoverable in search engines, we spend hours ... Continue Reading →
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