5 Data Recovery Myths That Sucks

Since from old tradition data recovery software to new one, one things that still intact or user most complained about – It didn’t work at all or doesn’t recover any data. User often faces critical data loss situations and hunting for some special recovery program that could bring back his/her precious piece of deleted or formatted data. The worst thing is that user fail to recover their stuff due to either of his own mistakes (such as overwriting data, addicted to try freeware etc.) or because of using bad recovery software.

Data Recovery Software Good or Bad

However, some data recovery software are still protecting user precious data by cutting edge technologies. Though, tons of companies are in data recovery field and claiming about the successful data recovery. So, how do you know who to trust when everyone says the same thing. That’s why, I’ve compiled a list of data recovery myths to dispel all your worries once and for all. This tutorial will also helps you in determining the right provider that can offers you highest level of data recovery success and best value to your money.

#1 Every bodies talking about this Software, So I could choose this one:

In case of hardware failure or critical data loss situations, user wants to recover their data ASAP and thereafter, purchase the software what their friends or colleagues are buzzing around. As results, they bumped themselves as they realizes that it didn’t work or not capable enough to handle their data loss situation.

Remember, data loss situations can occur due to thousands of reasons and not every software is best to tackle all of them. First & foremost, look around the situations you are facing and consult with the person who has already faced the same situations or contact the tech support team of a targeted data recovery company and explain your situations. Once assisted and satisfied completely, it becomes easy for you to choose the best one.

#2 Website looks professional, Does it mean the software is good:

When searching for any recovery software, user most concerned about:

  1. weather the software supports their operating system
  2. Have data recovery services to salvage data from seriously damaged storage devices.
  3. Does it supports all kind of troubled media like hard drive, flash memory, USB etc.
  4. Have a standard support and refund policy

Claiming to provide best data recovery platform and successfully achieving them are two different things. The manufacturer experience and professional software to address all data recovery needs, is the two only characteristics of best provider instead of a good or professional website.

#3 Just purchased my PC/Laptop, therefore I don’t need to concern about data loss

Rarely true. Hardware parts may start to wears out very sudden and any wrong attempts may leads to permanent failure or Windows crash. Manufacturer fault or faulty hardware are the main causes behind new PC failure.

Failing hard drive equipments, human mistakes, Virus/malware etc. are the symptoms of the bad PC/Laptop manufacturer. After which, user may loss their precious pictures, official documents, company records etc. So it doesn’t matter weather the PC is new or old, being prepare for all situations is all you need to stay away from data loss situations.

#4 Taken backup of all my data, so there is not any chance of data loss

Taking proper backup of all your precious data doesn’t provide 100% guarantee that your data will be available in the event of crisis. Data loss exist and do occurs due to any of the following reasons:

  • Hard Drive Failure – Either Logical or Physical
  • Human Errors
  • Power Surges
  • Software/Malware Corruption
  • Registry Damages
  • Natural Disasters

So if you really worry about critical data, don’t rely on your backup copy for data safety. Accidental file deletion, windows re-installation, virus infections are the tragic moments which enforces users to lose their data even after having a full backup.

#5 SSD Recoveries & Traditional hard drive recoveries are the same:

As with growing demands of having SSD drives for storing critical information, data recovery methods has become more complex in these days. SSD’s contains flash memory chips, electronic board, standard data layout techniques, which has given the new challenges to data recovery companies.

To meet the needs of SSD recoveries, it requires the Data recovery firms processes the following:

  • Latest techniques to tackle data recovery from small flash media chips and
    modern Class 100 Clean room
  • Effective ways that can rescue troubled data without getting damaged

Oliver is an enthusiastic writer and popular blogger, writing since 5 years. Technology, latest industry software i.e., Professional hard drive recovery software, hardware troubleshooting software etc. are the area of his expertise. You can follow him on Twitter.

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Oliver is an enthusiastic writer and popular blogger, writing since 5 years. Technology, latest industry software i.e., Professional hard drive recovery software, hardware troubleshooting software etc. are the area of his expertise. You can follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Harley

    Aug 17. 2012

    I use different software to back up my data, I have like 4 of them which syncs on the background so I don’t have to remind myself to back up. Cool article!

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    Aug 18. 2012

    thanks for the’s post

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    Aug 18. 2012

    Thanks guys for commenting and thanks Oliver for providing the good article! 🙂

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