Full Proof Ways to Backup Your Mobile

The Internet is constantly advancing and showing no signs of slowing down. Many of us practically live on the web and keep some sensitive information stored on our computers and online accounts. Losing any of your prized data can be a scary scenario and can create all sorts of social and professional damage.

Full Proof Ways to Backup Your Mobile, Desktop & Web Data

With technology consistently leaping beyond previous bounds, there are many ways to store data, but adversely many ways to lose data as well. Mobile device, web accounts and computers carry some of our most crucial personal and professional information.

Backing-up your digital information is important because you never know when an unforeseen problem will arise. Lost phones, stolen computers, hacked email accounts and other tragedies can strike at any time. Keep your hard work and personal information backed-up and you will have a peace of mind.


Desktops and laptops can be very handy instruments but, just like all technology, you don’t want to be at its mercy if an unforeseen issue arises. For computer purposes, we’ll look at both MacOS and PC.

Time Machine – Mac

Experienced Mac users will be familiar with this nifty program that is equipped as a default application with any MacOS. The application is simple to setup and needs little, to no maintenance. It can help you avoid all sorts of time consuming and painful recovery techniques.

Firstly, a blank excess hard drive will be needed. Make sure the hard drive is double the size of the current hard drive on your Mac. Next, go to System Preferences > Time Machine. Click “select disk” and choose the drive you wish to store your files on. Make sure Time Machine is On (There is a large slider on the left signalling On and Off). All you have to do is click “Back Up Now” and wait as Time Machine safeguards all of your precious files.

Microsoft SyncToy – Windows

Microsoft SyncToy is very similar to Time Machine and is also easy to setup. Download the program in either 32bit or 64bit mode. Simply click “Create New Folder Pair” and then click “Browse” to choose the folder/s you wish to backup. From there, the instructions are straightforward.

Online Accounts

Browser based email – Gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc…

Use a desktop mail client in order to download and save your email information. By using this technique, you will be able to backup all your emails, contacts and more through the above-mentioned backup systems.

WordPress and Websites

Use DropBox to backup your website files. This can be very easily done with the DropBox plugin on WordPress where you simply have to link your DropBox account with the downloaded WordPress plugin.

Mobile Devices

For an Android phone, try an app titled Backup To Gmail. iPhones can use iBackup. There are many apps available for both platforms and although the Android app mentioned is not free, there are always new apps on the market. Keep an eye out for some well-reviewed free apps.

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