Precautions to Avoid SD Card Corruption

The large storage capacity and high data access speed makes SD cards appropriate storage device for portable electronic gadgets like digital cameras and mobile phones. Although these devices have some inbuilt memory, but that is not sufficient to contain large amount of data, thus they have feature to extend their storage capacity and SD cards are best suited for them.

Precautions to Avoid SD Card Corruption

Within short period of time, the SD card of your camera or mobile phone becomes your most valuable asset as it contains your precious image files, alluring video files, and rare audio files. But, have you ever thought that what will you do, if this very valuable asset gets corrupt? To handle those cases the backup of your data works as a boon, however if you follow certain precautions then you can avoid SD card corruption to great extend.

These precautions are:

  • Never pull out the SD card from the mobile phone or camera while it is on. Doing this interrupts ongoing read/write processes, and thus corrupts the card in most cases. However, if you want to take out the card, then switch the camera off wait for 2-3 seconds, and then take it out of the camera/mobile phone.

  • Avoid clicking rapid shots. This again interrupts image writing process and thus corrupts the card.

  • Do not use your camera/mobile phone in low battery mode. Many people ignore ‘Low Battery’ warning of the camera/mobile phone and keep on clicking the shots until the image capturing device dies. This too abruptly stops internal processes and thus causes corruption in used SD card.

  • Do not try to stretch the storage capacity of your SD card. It is always a good practice to leave space for 4-5 shots at least. Doing this avoids SD card corruption.

  • Never use single SD card in more than one digital camera/mobile phone. When you use the SD card for the first time in your digital camera or mobile phone, it is formatted according to that device. However, using the same card for multiple devices without formatting it according to that device corrupts the card.

Following these precautions can avoid SD card corruption, however if in any case you encounter the corruption, then updated backup works as a boon. However, you need not worry, if you do not have the backup of your data as SD card recovery tools are there to handle such situations.

Reliable SD card recovery software recovers photos lost due to corruption of the SD card. Moreover most of the tools of this category are available for both Mac and Windows operating systems, thus you can use the one according to the operating system used on your computer.

Joyce is Working as “Data Recovery Specialist” with Stellar phoenix photo Recovery from last 6 year. He has solved  more than 2000 cases related to data recovery in his total experience.

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