Prevention and Recovery Measures when Your Card Becomes ‘Unreadable’

Memory cards are high capacity data storage devices that are commonly used in digital cameras and cell phones for storing multimedia files like photos and videos. Many times a memory card user encounters problems wherein their memory card becomes ‘unreadable’.

Prevention and Recovery Measures when Your Card Becomes ‘Unreadable’

Though an unreadable memory card is recognized by computers and the device on which it is used, but it prevents itself from accessing stored data and writing new files. Moreover, at times you may get an error message such as ‘Memory Card Error’ or ‘Corrupted Memory’ when you try to store new photo or extract an older one. That means you become completely unable to access anything stored on your card.
Many people may consider this situation as data loss, which is not right as this does not cause data loss, instead it is a case of inaccessibility of data. Therefore, you can say that the ‘unreadable’ card causes inaccessibility of all the data stored in it. However, if you follow certain precautions, then you can prevent it from becoming unreadable. Some of these precautions are:

  • NEVER turn off your device or remove the memory card from it when the device is writing, reading, formatting, or erasing data.
  • NEVER use your digital camera and mobile phone in low battery mode for accessing or writing new data from the card.
  • NEVER pull out or insert the memory card in your digital camera or other device on which it is used when these devices are on.
  • NEVER use single memory card in multiple devices.

However, if you have encountered this problem, then you need to format your memory card for fixing this error. Since some cameras do not access the memory cards that are formatted outside the camera like on computer, thus before performing the format it is recommended to read user manual of the device or precisely camera.
Since formatting deletes all the data stored on the device that is being formatted, thus it is suggested to use professional card recovery software for recovery of your inaccessible files on the any external storage . However, if you have backup of your card data, then you do not require using any card recovery tool, but in the unavailability of recent backup, this tool is a must.
Most of the card recovery tools recover lost, deleted, or inaccessible image files, videos, audios, and all other multimedia files saved on your affected card. Moreover, an efficient card recovery software is available for both Mac and Windows users, so that you can select the one according to the operating system used on your computer.
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