Changing Your Name And Keeping Your SEO

You’ve put a lot of time and effort into your SEO so that you can rise to the top of Google searches. Then romance happened, followed by marriage, followed by a name change. Whoops. Now what? How can you preserve your SEO awesomeness in the face of a name change?

How to Change your Name and keep your SEO

After all, your name is your brand! This is specially critical to sole proprietors whose name is their business. However the following principles also apply if you own a business and are contemplating a change in your name.

while name changing here is how to keep and transfer your seo to new domain name

To love, honor, cherish, and update your SEO

The Simplest Solution

The easiest way to deal with this whole matter is to simply retain your maiden name as your professional brand. It doesn’t make you any less married. For someone who likes keeping their personal and professional lives compartmentalized, this makes a lot of sense.

Make An Author Page

If you haven’t already, set up an author page in your Google Plus or Facebook account, with all of your pertinent information, including your name, and make sure that the page is linked to in all of your articles, blogs, and other posts.

Adopting Both Names

Consider keeping your maiden name, listing it after your first name, and then adding your married name. So for instance, if your name was Karen Reading, and you married into the name Gould, you could refer to yourself as Karen Reading Gould. This enables you to keep your existing SEO while also factoring in your new name, which is rather important for those people you meet after your name change who may try to find you online and search for you based only on your married name.

Incidentally, notice the marked lapse of a hyphen. It’s not needed. Just put the two last names in, maiden first, married second. But still, if you want the hyphen, go ahead and splurge. It shouldn’t affect search results, provided the maiden name is next to your first name.

As a matter of fact, having two last names means you show up more often in searches, and isn’t that what SEO is all about? Rather than a detriment, the name change could actually be an asset. And speaking of which …

Is The New Name An Unexpected Benefit?

If your new name is a less common one than your maiden name, it may show up more easily in searches. Stop and consider how many results you get from popular surnames. You can easily get lost in the shuffle! Here’s a real-life example: my wife went from being a Robinson to being a Terra. Not only did this put an end to hearing “God bless you please, Mrs Robinson” every time she sneezed, it also gave her a name that doesn’t appear nearly as often as her maiden name, something she’ll really be happy about when she eventually starts her own side business online.

SEO Odds And Ends

If you’ve just started out in creating an online brand, this issue isn’t as crucial to you and you most likely don’t really have to do much of anything; change your name and carry on. But the longer you’ve been online and building a name for yourself, the more this matters to you and should be addressed sooner rather than later.

Also, make sure that whatever change you make, you apply it consistently through all of the social media and e-mail accounts that you have. Decide on one course, one naming convention, and make sure every profile, author page, every personal information tab, reflects this.

John Terra has been freelance writing since 1985. He writes across a broad range of topics, everything from car insurance to reviews. His wife considers the last name to be a value add.

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