What It Takes To Rank High In Local Search Engine Results

Are you aware of local search engines, and consequently the idea of local search engine optimization? There’s been a lot of talk and a lot of words written about Search Engine Optimization, and rightly so.

With Quality Local Content to SEO Success

Every business wants its search results rank to be as high and as prominent as possible. If this is a new concept to you, then by all means, read on and be ready to be brought up to speed on some potentially business-increasing strategies.

how the google's local search influences local businesses worldwide


Many people who use local searches are looking for someplace to do business with

Local Search Defined

So what is a local search, anyway? Although there is some disagreement as to the exact definition, the one best served here is this: a local search is a search made with the intention of finding something in a certain geographical area. As a for instance, “tobacco shops in Nashua” would be a local search.

Although you can conduct a local search on any of the big-time search engines, there’s also local search engines that customers can use to browse and find suitable businesses in their area. Examples of local search engines include: Yahoo Local, Google Maps, and Local.com. Consider them to be the online equivalent of the Yellow Pages. Speaking of which, there’s also a Yellow Pages online. Yes, it seems that everyone’s online these days!

Local Search Engine Optimization

Now that you know what a local search is, how do you take advantage of it for the benefit of your business? Here are the cardinal rules:

Correct and Consistent Information: You have to make absolutely certain that your business information, particularly its name, address, phone number, hours of operation, are all up to date and consistent across all online listings (e.g. Yahoo Local, Google Plus Local).

Google Plus Local Listing

Are you aware that you can get a free business listing on Google Plus Local? Claim and verify it.

Get Listed Everywhere

Take the Google Plus Local listing idea a few steps further by making sure that your business is listed in other local directories, including Merchant Circle, ReferLocal, GetListed, Facebook Business Pages, Best of the Web Local, Izito.com, and TrueLocal.

Building Links

A good way to get local exposure is by getting links from other local institutions and businesses. Likely candidates include businesses that complement yours, local media (newspapers, television stations, radio stations), the local Chamber of Commerce, civic organizations, and educational institutions.

Positive Word of Mouth

No matter how excellent your ad campaigns are, nothing is more effective than the word of a happy customer. Request that your satisfied customers write up reviews on your business, and post them to sites such as Google Plus, Citysearch, and Yelp. Also, get into the habit of soliciting these reviews every chance you get.

Although it may seem that many of these measures require an investment of time and energy, the return you get for optimizing local searches will make it worth it. On mobile devices alone, local search increased fourfold. Furthermore, Mobile Path to Purchase shows that 50 percent of mobile user activity resulted in a purchase. Stop and let that sink in for a moment.

John Terra has been freelance writing since 1985, and writes about everything from local search to bookkeeping.

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