Google Penalty Recovery: Understanding the Concept and Process

According to stats shared by Matt Cutts, Google initiates around 400,000 manual actions each month. The number has increased after Google’s recent update(s). Unfortunately, 95% online business owners are either unaware of the penalty, or do not bother to attempt a recovery. If you are among the pending 5%, this article is for you. In this write-up, we will focus on the basic process of Google penalty and steps to recovery.

If the ranking of your website has suddenly dropped, your website may be penalized. In most cases, you may receive an email from Google, which may look like –

Site wide penalty message

After receiving such an e-mail, most online business owners either take the situation very lightly, or do not know what steps to follow in order to get rid of the penalty. Some even feel that they received this e-mail by mistake because they have done nothing to break webmaster’s guidelines. This is a common thought process among site owners, after receiving a manual penalty e-mail. Some site owners also blame it on their SEO Company and feel if only they had selected a better search engine optimization partner. To avoid the loss of revenues, they look for possible solutions, and even assistance from a reputed company that provides them assurance that revocation from Google penalty is possible.

The Recovery Process

In the words of Matt Cutts, the recovery from manual penalty is possible. Here’s is a step-by-step process that may help you revoke your website from manual penalty.

google manual action

Step #1: Find Out the Link

Those who do not take action after receiving the first e-mail, might get another e-mail saying that your website’s links are still outside Google’s quality guidelines, along with a request to correct or remove them. In such situation, it is advisable to begin the process with the links in Google Webmaster Tool. In 80% cases, the answer lies there. Some links that you may classify are mentioned below –

  • Link not found
  • Scrapers
  • Page Offline
  • Spam TLDs
  • Spam Pages
  • Exact match anchor text
  • Link network
  • Penalized domains
  • Partner websites

Conducting link audit is a great way to find out the problem, and once you know what is causing the issue, finding a solution becomes easy.

Step#2: Request Link Removals

A lot of webmasters do not welcome link removal requests. However, in order to ensure that your request gets heard, it is advisable to create an effective link removal request. In the request, you may mention that your website is penalized for having ‘unnatural links’ and require the help of the webmaster in order to get this penalty removed. Mention the URL of the link that you want the webmaster to remove in order to make the task easy for them.

Step #3: Submit Reconsideration Requests

Before filing a request, make sure to be specific, confess everything, accept the responsibility and mention that you have removed the ‘unnatural links.’ You may also explain anything that you are doing differently to prevent such issue in future.

Final Thoughts

It is important to keep in mind that Google takes serious actions against repeat offenders. After being penalized once, it is important for you to avoid any action that may penalize your website again. If the above mentioned process seemed complicated, you may also consult a professional company that has expertise and positive track record in revoking Google penalty of websites. In a nutshell, it is important to know that it is not a beneficial to avoid a warning e-mail from Google for too long. In fact, you must take an action as early as possible.

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