The Importance of Content in SEO Success

You could not have missed hearing that age-old cliché: content is king! Since SEO came into vogue, content was a distant second cousin despite that cliché being repeated to teams working on optimizing websites. Content writers were asked to work according to the instructions of SEO experts about keywords, keyword density and other technicalities that inhibited their writing. It did not matter! SEO experts were more interested in getting copies that were technically sound from an SEO perspective, rather than being informative or even readable. As a result, the SEO scene was sprinkled over with substandard content and websites that no one wanted to go through, let alone read.

The Times Changed

Those days of shabby content with spelling and syntactical errors dotted all over the page are now over. So are the days of content farming, that humungous machinery churning out web content by the dozens every hour! You could find them at every office dealing with SEO. Google has come down heavily on such content that only pays obeisance to SEO technicalities. With the launch of Google’s Panda and Penguin, quality content has finally claimed its place under the sun. You cannot get away with shabby content anymore! You need quality writers who understand the psychology of online readers and can present their words in a readable, interesting package. You cannot fight the SEO battle with dozen-an-hour web content pages today.

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Why Quality Content is Important for SEO

Leaving all other aspects aside, let us look at the scenario where you have done a cracking job at SEO and brought in a record number of online visitors to the website. That is a dream achievement for any SEO team, no doubt! But what happens when all these record number of visitors come to your website? What do they get to read? A page so shoddily written that they cannot read beyond the first paragraph! What do they do then? They walk away from your website and mark your poor show in their minds. Do you expect them to come back again? Never! In other words, despite doing so well on the SEO front, your lack of concern for the content itself undid all the hard work. This is a scenario that is familiar to most SEO teams.

What You Need to Do

Pay more attention to what you publish online. Remember that people are forming an impression about your website and brand by reading your content. They are deciding to buy or not by what you have written down and offered to them on your web page. You cannot be flippant here. Moreover, these are the days of social media sharing. You cannot reach out to a wider network of online users and readers without the power of Facebook and Twitter. And you cannot do the networking alone! You need your loyal readers to share your content in their own personal circles as well. That cannot happen unless your content is shareable. These people are not being paid to promote to your content! They will do so only if they love what you have written.

The End Note

SEO success depends upon all the above factors that are mentioned above. You need online traffic to remain loyal to your website, you need social media shares and you need website credibility to be a success story on the SEO scene. And for all these aspects, you need content. It is a wiser idea today to publish quality content online for SEO than work without it.

Abhishek Srivastava writes blog articles for and he also writes about SEO strategy and latest trends and techniques in SEO.   

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  1. Rajesh

    Sep 07. 2013

    Yes, you are absolutely right! Content is seo king and will always be. Everything else are temporary ranking effects

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  2. Web Design Media

    Jan 21. 2014

    Absolutely ! Content is King of every website. Keep Sharing Like this…

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