5 Easy SEO Tips for a Small Business

In today’s world where most of the people look for products and services online, Search engine optimization is an essential component for any business. Regardless of the size of your business a well optimized website is absolutely necessary. Some of the best means of business growth you will ever get for your small business will come from refining your startup’s SEO (search engine optimization) strategy. While advertising, marketing or any other kind of paid promotions have their own rewards, they have to constantly keep up which costs lot of money.

SEO, on the other hand, is mostly cost effective as long as you care of it. Although it’s going to cost you a really long time, it won’t cost you money. Below are 5 easy SEO tips for as small business:

Keyword density

When designing your website do a research of the keywords. Ensure that you identify primary keywords as well as secondary keywords. Put yourself in place of a customer. If you were search for a product or service what would you actually type on the search engine. This is exactly what you need to include in your website. There are various tools that will assist you to locate keywords within your domain. However, keywords must be used in moderations. If you overstuff your website with too many keywords, it will be treated as spam by the search engine and for this reason, it will not appear on the displayed results. A keyword density of 3-5 % is recommended.

seo internet strategies for Small Medium Enterprise Business

High quality content

High quality content on your website will ensure that once a user has landed to your website, they will be able to check out the products or services on offers. If you have a dull website, with poor quality content, nobody will bother to read its contents even if your goods or services are the best in the world. Search engine will also list your website among the top, if your website contains unique high quality content

Social media back links

Create social media fun pages on Facebook, twitter accounts as well as other social media platforms such as instagram and linked in among others. The links you place on these social media sites will act as back links and will be very useful in helping your website to be located by major search engines such as Google, yahoo, Bing and Alta vista among others

HTML and other web components should be SEO friendly

Ensure that the components you place in your website are well named in a SEO friendly manner. Example of such elements includes images, maps, titles and paragraphs. Title and image names should consist of keywords. If all the aforementioned components have been named in a SEO friendly manner it will be very easy to locate your website

Register your business in Google business listings

Locally Google has a feature whereby you can register your business free of charge. Once you register you can create links that will assist people to locate your business easily. This will result in increased web traffic and increased profits in the long run. The sign up process is an easy one; you just provide details about your business

Most of the owners forget to put money aside for their retirement, it is therefore a good idea to get contact the department for work and pension and they will advice you on the various options available for you. It is a good idea to ensure that you keep some money aside for use in future when you may not be able to generate any income.

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