Sure-fire SEO Tips for your Newly Designed WordPress Site

WordPress is a content management system (CMS). The earliest version of WordPress was mostly used for administering blogs. Earlier to the advent of CMS, the usual way to manually key in the codes in a notepad (or a similar editor) and affix the extension HTM or HTML and upload it on the host server. This meant wasting time. Then came CMS, and for the first time webmasters were relieved from writing the codes. CMS took that task upon itself. But there is a downside to it.

Sure-fire SEO Tips for your Newly Designed WordPress Site

CMS is designed to do too much, and even those work that normal users don’t need. As a result, web page source codes generated by CMS tend to be long. Long source codes take long time to download and don’t compare well with manually coded web pages. Nevertheless, they find favor with users, because, CMS can be used by people can’t write codes absolutely.

However, there some tips you can consider to make them otherwise friendly for search engines. Here are some.

Give Your Pages Great Titles

Search engines lay much emphasis on the title tag. They are also the text that will be visible in the search engine pages, and when they are catchy and reflect the content, you are more likely to get more hits. To further fine tune keep the more important words at the start of the title text. Search engines take the first few words more seriously, rather than those beyond. That is the case too with users who scan through the search engine results. If are not too sure about what the best words to start are, you can use WordPress SEO Plugin. The Plugin will help you decide the right title for you.

Keep Meta Descriptions Relevant

Meta description is still another piece of element within the code which is so very important to SEO. The main purpose of Meta code is to provide snippets that users may want to read before they click and come to your web page. There are some plugins for getting your Meta information right, and most plugins use the first line in your article’s body for that purpose, though you can change it if you want. But a more prudent thing to do is keep the first sentence in your article very relevant to the title itself, and to the keywords you have chosen for the page.

Get Your Content Heading Right

If you are new to WordPress or HTML, you might get confused and mix up the two. The title tag is for search engines and browsers to know what is contained, and they show up in result pages and bookmarks of browsers. Heading is what readers will see in the text part of the content at the top. There are different levels of heading h1 being the top most. Though headings means a lot for search engines, it is advisable that you don’t go beyond h3, though browsers will support up to h6. For most part h3 should be enough. Don’t go beyond that. There isn’t much to gain, and on the contrary you will end up confusing your readers as much as the search engines itself.

Avoid Duplicates within Your Website

Duplicate articles and content within your websites can be very damaging to your web pages in the eyes of search engines. Check your website for duplicate contents and if you see any remove them. There are some plugins that can do this for you. If your website is too big, then this plugin is a must for your website.

Paginate Using Efficient Designing Software

Page layout and general appearance of your web pages are controlled by external files. When WordPress accesses these files and returns them to the browsers, they need to be impeccably clear and efficient. Otherwise you will run the risk of being non compliant with standards. So choose designs that are best suited for your website. Likewise keep external links to the minimum. As a thumb rule don’t exceed 100 per page, though lesser is better.

It is also a good idea to keep less important links to the bottom your web page. When you design your pages, see that you don’t use tables to partition modules. Table-less designs are best and W3C compliant.

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