Backup your data

Back Up Your Stuff!

Here’s a cautionary tale for the twenty-first century. There was this amazing, dashing, and creative individual who used his computer a lot for work and leisure purposes. His most important data resided on a flash drive that was in the shape of a TARDIS. Then ... Continue Reading →
backup your hard disks and personal data to external sources to secure your information

Stuff You Don’t Back Up And Really Should

If you’ve gotten to even within sniffing range of a computer, you’ve no doubt had this point hammered home: “Back up your data! Do it now! Right now! Back it up!” It’s almost like the directives to always wear your seatbelt, or not ... Continue Reading →
Full Proof Ways to Backup Your Mobile, Desktop & Web Data

Full Proof Ways to Backup Your Mobile

The Internet is constantly advancing and showing no signs of slowing down. Many of us practically live on the web and keep some sensitive information stored on our computers and online accounts. Losing any of your prized data can be a scary scenario and can create ... Continue Reading →