The Internet of Things - IoT

How the Internet of Things is Impacting Desginers

Whenever a new innovation comes along and begins rising in importance and visibility, two important resulting questions are “what is this thing?” and “how does this affect my occupation/field?” The Internet of Things is just the latest advancement ... Continue Reading →
awesome tech gadgets for kids

5 Awesome Tech Gadgets For College Kids

With colleges and universities now starting their Fall 2014 semesters, thoughts turn to students heading back to school with the latest and greatest in tech in order to make studies, life, and leisure all the easier. Because, after all, that’s what the new ... Continue Reading →

Dedicated Internet Access – When Fast Isn’t Fast Enough

Dedicated Internet access is a response to the rising need for speed. As the Internet increasingly affects the way we do business, it’s only reasonable for companies to seek out better and faster connections. Thanks to innovations like cloud computing, software ... Continue Reading →
it network support

Ten critical elements to check before hiring IT support

Hiring IT support for your company is not an easy task. Every business wants someone competent, honest, fair priced and responsive. Computer consultants and technical support specialists have becomes widespread, which is why you shouldn’t trust your business’s ... Continue Reading →
Online Blog

Your Blog As A Source Of Customer Feedback

A well-constructed, often-updated blog is a valuable tool for any business that wants to establish and maintain an online presence, and these days, a business without such a presence does itself a vast disservice. After all, social networks are where it’s ... Continue Reading →
technology gadget samsung's Galaxy note series review

Galaxy Note Series – Another Milestone from Samsung

Samsung has gain real heights due to its Galaxy Note Series which is why it is keep on introducing new devices in this regard. When Samsung launched its first Note book, it has broken the records at that time and they were the first ones who launched concept of ... Continue Reading →
Indiana Jones games by LEGO review

A Review of LEGO: Indiana Jones

After three successful LEGO: Star Wars titles, Traveller’s Tales has set its sights on the Indiana Jones franchise. Some of the faults of the previous games have been carried over, but LEGO: Indiana Jones is a very worthy entry in an already impressive series ... Continue Reading →
business success with cloud based IT services

How can IT support help reap great benefit from the cloud?

Cloud services have plenty of useful benefits in the eyes of the cloud provider. Soon enough we’ll adopt them entirely but we must also be aware of the cloud’s potential risks. A lot of people believe that security is the cloud’s main hazard, when in fact ... Continue Reading →
reviewing the details hands-on for Asus Eee Pad Transformer

Asus Eee Pad Transformer vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Android has become and apple of everyone’s eye and so is the Android powered handsets that deliver amazing features and brilliant functionality. Samsung and Asus are two of the most loved Android tablets of all times. Their innovation in bringing out the best ... Continue Reading →
Bring your own device

BYOD (Bring your Own Device) Consequences on your own Business

Whether you’re an IT administrator or an end user, you have probably observed that BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has become more prevalent than ever in most companies these days. However, even if BYOD might seem extremely useful for employees, you will also need ... Continue Reading →
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