Music: Keiko Matsui – A Prolific Recording Artist

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I should let you know that recently I’ve been learning music. One day a friend recommended me to listen to Keiko Matsui‘s music. That was the first time I heard her name and after purchasing her album “Moyo“, I’ve got to admit that she’s an amazing pianist. Her music is work friendly and is pleasing to the ears.

Matsui’s music is powerful and introspective, blending both western and eastern musical influences. She has a very spiritual view of composing music, feeling out each composition as though it were, in her words, “coming to me from another space, another dimension,” and “catching notes from the silence and then simply placing them together”. Matsui sees music as “the great gifts from the human souls from the past, for the children of the future”. She believes that music has a power to bring people together and change their lives. “We are connected by music,” Matsui wrote, “as the Ocean connects the continents”.

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Music: Keiko Matsui – A Prolific Recording Artist, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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