Top 5 Software Provide Amazing Sound Effect

Software that enables enhanced sound effects is essential when playing high definition games, video and audio files in a computer. Improved sound effects ensure the surrounding effects are lively and the user is able to interact with the software to perform certain tasks such as sound editing. Accessories such as headphones come in handy when detailing minute sound effects details enhanced via software. Depending on the type of files that require audio to be played, there are different software all created to suit different categories whether it is video, audio or games. Therefore, when picking out the best software to improve sound effects, it is recommended to choose different softwares that are created for specific files that include sound.

Sound Effect Studio

There are numerous sound effects softwares that are created everyday; however there are a couple of high performance softwares that are quite popular due to their high ratings. Though under different file categories, there are various high quality softwares that serve the same purpose of enhancing sound effects.

Top 5 software providing amazing sound effects:

1)   Audacity

It comes with many sound effects features and it is perhaps one of the most used software when it comes to improving sound effects in PC games and other audio files. The software includes features such as audio editing and sound recording that offer a unique platform in making amazing sound effects surrounding when listening to music, watching video clips or playing video games.

2)   Sound Forge Audio Studio 10

It is a product of Sony Company and it works best for people who are so much into music. The most outstanding features of the software includes; omitting background noise, amplifying, bass enhancing, track recording and other sound effects features. Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 is also capable of mastering, editing and sound erasing plus it is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 and AAC.

3)   Aimersoft Video Editor

The purpose of the software is to create and edit videos files hence it can also be used to create amazing sound effects. It supports different video and audio format which include; MP4, MP3, AVI, WMA, BMP, WMV, MOV and JPG all of which can be altered and edited to improve the sound quality. Aimersoft Video Editor can also alter and remove the background noise present in different audio & video recordings in order to improve the quality. It is by far one of the easiest sound effects software that anybody can use.

4)   Apple Logic Pro

It is specially designed for Mac users and it comes with wide variety of sound enhancing features to choose from. Though it is popular among recording musicians, Apple Logic Pro can offer high quality sound effects such as removing background noise, recording sound, editing high pitch sound and increasing the bit rate. It is therefore perfect for anyone that wants high quality sound.

5)   Fx Audio Editor

It supports most audio files such as MP3, MP2, WMA, VOX and WAV among other types. Sound effects features include editing, converting, recording and balancing different sound variations. It is compatible with most computers operating system and quite convenient to utilize.

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  1. Shawn Rubel

    Apr 28. 2014


    great list of tools for everyone to use, Logic Pro X has been a great tool to use in the past – and something I’ve tried to stick with for the past couple of years.

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