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You are here, which means you’re interested in writing a guest post for Avinash.

Why should you write ?

  • This blog is an aged PR5 site which receives more than 20K visits per month and the number is continuously increasing
  • You will get 1-2 backlinks to your blog depending on the quality of your article
  • You can build your online reputation
  • Once your article is published, it will stay on Avinash forever


So are you interested ?

If yes then you need to follow simple guest posting guidelines shown below…

  • Quality articles are policy – No guest post spam!
  • The post/article must be at least 400 words long
  • One image or more which are relevant for your topic  are required
  • The article must be unique content
  • No advertisements or referral links allowed in posts
  • Your backlinks to external sites must be relevant and not directly selling a product otherwise your article is considered as an advertisement article
  • And again: External backlinks have to be related to article topic
  • Any other external links might be included as no-follow links (Standard)
  • No external links in introducation or first paragraph
  • Avinash has the editorial control and right to change content for SEO adjustments which also includes links
  • If your article gets approved here, then you cannot republish it anywhere else (even at your own blog)


Finally, How to submit a guest post ?

Pretty simple, you just need to register yourself to join our Avinash community.

To register yourself as a user, follow this link
After you register, kindly Contact Me with your username so that I can change your role to contributor (This is a headache for me too but due to increasing spam, I am forced to do so. Please bare with me)

So what are you waiting for ? Submit your guest posts with an relevant image or more and I’ll be happy to publish them.

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