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Making Mobile Design Work

Whether they’re around you in a restaurant, almost colliding with you on the sidewalk, or getting hot death stares from you in dark movie theaters, you encounter mobile device users everywhere. Take a good look around; it’s getting to the point that ... Continue Reading →
A poor web design makes for a bad visitor experience

How Poor Web Design Leads To Low Sales

With the Internet becoming an increasingly large part of our everyday lives, it should come as no surprise that businesses rely on it more often for increasing their visibility and boosting sales. A company’s website should be considered as a sort of ambassador, ... Continue Reading →
A well-designed website is a huge asset for a small business

Boosting Business Through Proper Web Design

Welcome to the Internet age, where just about anything and everything we do is done online, and those things not done online, we will only need to wait a few more years. If you own a small to medium business, or even a one-person at home business, then you need ... Continue Reading →

Defining Your Web Design Goals

If you have your own business or are heavily involved/invested in a small business, then you need a website, no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. With so much business and communication happening online, you simply can’t afford not to. However, ... Continue Reading →
webdesign – How Not To Design A Website

In the overwhelming majority of design cases, it’s considered good practice to approach writing an article from a positive standpoint, not a negative one. But there are time when knowing what NOT to do can be a very valuable teaching experience. So, with ... Continue Reading →
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Great Web Design Resources

If there’s one thing the Internet is good at, it’s imparting valuable and useful information. That, and cat videos. A curious, motivated individual could learn a useful new skill in one of many fields by just using Internet resources alone. Take, for ... Continue Reading →
Responsive Web Design

Capitalize On Your Responsive Design In 2014: Read These 5 Highly Valuable Benefits!

Responsive web design has been the hottest trend since the fall of 2012. A responsive web design reduces the use of scrolling, panning and resizing of a web page and gives a smoother way to surf websites. In a nutshell, a responsive web design has a flexible layout ... Continue Reading →
one website displayed greatly on all desktop and mobile devices using different screen resolutions

Tools to Create Responsive Web Designs

Responsive web designs are a need of the hour given the evolution in the technology. With internet being available on smartphones, it becomes all the more essential to go in for using responsive web designs. Thankfully, a range of tools are available that help ... Continue Reading →
successful website design with free web fonts

8 Free Fonts Perfect for Clean Web Design

Every web page has its own way of alluring the visitor. What could truly be more distinguished than the use of specialized font formats to represent the company summary and the vital products detailing? Web designs are supposed to be unique and nothing showcases ... Continue Reading →
marketing and Internet online business websites need successful presentation and company homepage design

What Makes A Mobile Responsive Website Successful

Mobile responsive websites are a necessity. The poor desktop system, while certainly extinct, has at the very least seen the sun set on its heyday. Mobile is where it’s at, and your website needs to be mobile responsive. So, what makes a successful mobile ... Continue Reading →
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