Boosting Business Through Proper Web Design

Welcome to the Internet age, where just about anything and everything we do is done online, and those things not done online, we will only need to wait a few more years. If you own a small to medium business, or even a one-person at home business, then you need to make sure that you have a website that is conducive towards increasing customer participation.

Heed the words of “5 Ways a Website Can Boost Your Home Inspection Business” when it says that a website is a tool that can help you reach more people. Here are a few key elements found in effective web design, so that you have the best tool possible for your company.

A well-designed website is a huge asset for a small business

A well-designed website is a huge asset for a small business

Good Web Design Is Search Engine Friendly

People can’t frequent a site that they can’t find, proper web design ensures that your site is easily found via a simple search. Search Engine Optimization (otherwise known as SEO) includes things like publishing original good content, placing your business’ location on online mapping platforms such as Google Maps, creating a presence on social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), and incorporating keywords in the site’s content, headers, and meta title. Read up on “5 SEO Tips For A Small Business” to get more information on what can be a rather tricky procedure.

It Speaks To Your Target Audience In A Relatable, Professional Manner

Content is a critical factor in web design. Your website content needs to address the specific demographics of the audience you hope to win over and use your business. Are you going after the college crowd, or perhaps homeowners? Your content needs to speak in the voice that your target audience is receptive towards.

Furthermore, by all means, use a spell-checker. Your website is your first impression, and you want to foster an atmosphere of professionalism and competence, which is hard to do if you use “their” instead of “there”.

It’s Easy To Get Around

Nothing is more frustrating than visiting a website and not being able to find anything due to disorganization and bad planning. The Internet has created an impatient audience with a short attention span. If your site makes no sense, if it’s hard to find even the simplest, most basic information, people will leave in disgust and never come back.

Practical web design means you have an easily accessible Site Map, as well as a prominent About Us section, and a navigation bar either horizontally across the top of the page, or in a vertical column on the left. It is absolutely essential to make a visit to your website into as pleasant and hassle-free an experience as possible.

Thoughtful Web Design Incorporates Social Media And Blogs

The best way to show the audience that you know your stuff is to maintain a blog that deals with topics relevant to your business. It also helps to forge a bond between you and your prospective customers, fostering trust and confidence, which in turn increases the likelihood of them doing business with you.

As for social media, most everyone out there is on one social media platform or another, to a greater or lesser degree. Make sure that your website links to your social media pages AND vice versa!

It Has A Strong Call To Action; Maybe Even Several

Your website needs to point out to the casual visitor that the next step is theirs to take. Perhaps it’s a call for them to sign up to receive email updates (or even better, SMS texts). Or maybe you give them a toll-free number to call in order to get more information or to take advantage of a special offer. Naturally, the first mention of that special offer should be coming from your website!

These are just some of the characteristics of good web design, and you had better believe that any business that wants to be a success today needs to have that online presence.

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