8 Free Fonts Perfect for Clean Web Design

Every web page has its own way of alluring the visitor. What could truly be more distinguished than the use of specialized font formats to represent the company summary and the vital products detailing? Web designs are supposed to be unique and nothing showcases its exuberance than the font typography used. Using “Core Fonts for web designing”, many individual artists and graphical representatives have managed to make a mark on the expansive internet culture.

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The Revolutionary Trend

Microsoft launched the Core Font project way back in 1996 as part of a standardized assortment of fonts that could be used exclusively for internet and match up to the advancement of multi cloud services. Since then, with advent of internet market and true representation of art styling, hand-written fonts, calligraphy stencils and use of photo edit software’s have opened many windows of opportunities for such artists and design assortment choices for the customers. These packages are now available as freeware under regulated licensing imposing certain restrictions over its use and sharing with 3rd party individuals.

The Font Countdown

The 8 elite font styles that have turned quite a few heads in recent times in increasing order of their popularity are

1. V.GER Grotesque

This highly popular font is derived from the standard ‘sans serif’ font. It belongs to the family of Gothic script and is very popular in middle European countries and German websites. This font has been designed by Mateo Rios as part of a student’s project.

2. Langdon

Langdon is an impressive Ambigram format. This illusive art form symbolically represents the meaning when viewed or understood from unusual orientations. It can be used as Flip Script, designatures, vertical palindromes and inversions. It is available for both commercial as well as individual use.

3. Airbag

Latino-type design called the Airbag derives its name from famous Radiohead song ‘Airbag’. It’s a very fashionable font that has already been downloaded a million times since its release. It does not feature any lowercase alphabets and has script typeset in a single weight.


This flamboyant font is a slow appetizer and packs in quite a punch once it harmonizes with the overall web layout. Designed on a jumpy Curtis Anagram stencil, Kilogram is a Kalle Graphics Inc. baby. The bold, mafia inspired design has a complete set of upper-lower case alphabets, numbers and alpha numeric characters. It is set in ‘.OTF’ format.

5. Pancentta Pro

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The most traditional font in this list, Pancetta Pro, follows minimal deviation from handwriting. Derived from sans serif, it sports square and blunt typeface with semi-finished orifice and pillow-like terminals. It has Cyrillic script base inspired by Russian Constructivism. It debuted in 2013 as part of designer Andriy Konstantinov’s pet project.

6. Calendas Plus

Calendas Plus takes off from where its predecessor, Calendas left. Designed in vintage Spanish typeset, Calendas Plus. It is gentle and flows smoothly, reminding about middle age European scripts. Atipo studio recommends this for art galleries, communication and multimedia game sites.

7. Cylburn

The 2nd most popular font type in our list is Cylburn. This handwritten cursive script is designed by Dai Foldes based on Rounded point brush with traditional rooting. It’s available in TTF/OTF formats.

8. Linux Libertine

The most popular font is Linux Libertine. It was designed by Libertine OFP with an aim to dethrone Times Roman. It has over 250 glyphs in Greek, Cyrillic and Hebrew. It’s available in ttf/otf/woff formats.

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