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If there’s one thing the Internet is good at, it’s imparting valuable and useful information. That, and cat videos. A curious, motivated individual could learn a useful new skill in one of many fields by just using Internet resources alone. Take, for instance, the skill of web design. Is there anything more fitting than learning how to do web design by using the web itself, especially if you are unable or unwilling to shell out the cash for a college degree?

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You don’t necessarily need a college degree to become a great web designer.

Here’s a half-dozen resources you can take advantage of that will help you learn about web design. Check them out, and design that website that you’ve always wanted to!

A Great Introductory Book on Web Design

Let’s start at the introductory stage, shall we? Web Design: Introductory This book is in its fourth edition now, and it’s aimed at people with little to no web experience. It’s less of a “how to build a website” sort of book, and more of a work that covers design principles, audience expectations, and technical considerations. It’s a good jump-off point before you actually get down to the nuts and bolts of web design.

Code Avengers

Superheroes … is there anything they can’t do? Okay, so you won’t find Iron Man or the Hulk teaching coding here, but this is a great way to introduce yourself or others to learn Web design, computer programming, and coding. It’s a fun way to learn and it appeals to students of all ages. Each course takes about 12 hours to complete. Spandex costume optional.

Google Developers University Consortium

You want web development courses? Here they are in spades! The Consortium features courses on Web development, mobile computing, and programming languages. This site is chock-full of useful resources and hey, it’s Google. If you want to learn about Web development, could you come up with a better source?

Learn Code the Hard Way

Well, now! Doesn’t THAT sound attractive? But fear not, for their ideas actually do make sense. Their motto is “Less talk, more code”. Their method has students getting the code to work first, and then explaining it afterwards. This way, rookies who may have difficulty grasping programming concepts won’t be confused. With the “Learn Code” books, students do the exercises, practice them, and repeat them by rote, thereby building up confidence and preparedness. It’s a solid example of learning by doing, which certainly helps in retention.

30 Days to Learn HTML and CSS

This resource features one of the most beloved words in the English language: free. The site offers a lot of other courses in which you have to pay for, but this specific one, teaching HTML and CSS, is gratis. If you want to create web apps and/or design webpages, you need to know HTML and CSS. It’s a 30-day video course, with a new topic covered every day. All you need do is spend ten minutes a day on the topic du jour. When it’s all over, you’ll be able to code an entire website. Nifty, eh?


And last but not least, there’s Treehouse. This site is geared for experts and beginners alike, and is a treasure trove of learning materials for everything you need to gain web success. Learn how to write code, build websites, or even start a web-based business. You select which track you want to start with (e.g. Web Design, iOS Development, WordPress Development), then take the courses and watch the videos.

These half-dozen resources will get you on your way to web design effectively and without a major hassle. Just add some tools to create responsive web designs to compliment the knowledge you acquire, and you’re on your way!

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