How Poor Web Design Leads To Low Sales

With the Internet becoming an increasingly large part of our everyday lives, it should come as no surprise that businesses rely on it more often for increasing their visibility and boosting sales. A company’s website should be considered as a sort of ambassador, representing the business to the web-using public.

Unfortunately, bad web design can reflect poorly on a company, and in turn result in lower sales. Rather than discussing what makes a good website, we’re about to tackle elements of web design that go badly, and cause customers to stay away. Don’t let these things happen to you!

A poor web design makes for a bad visitor experience
A poor web design makes for a bad visitor experience, and no sales

An Overabundance Of Ads

While there is certainly room for reciprocal ads with a related business, too many ads on your website can turn visitors off. One particular type of ad that has been appearing a lot more these days are large popup ads that cover practically the entire page, and with a barely visible exit button. While some marketers may think that this a very clever thing to do, many users become furious over them and just flat-out leave. For a runner-up, who can forget the ads that start up if you have the misfortune of simply passing your cursor over a particular part of the page? Those aren’t appreciated either!

Spelling And Grammatical Errors

While many people online are openly derisive of “grammar Nazis”, those people who correct the typos in other people’s posts, businesses are tacitly expected to uphold a certain standard of spelling and grammar. Website text that’s rife with errors creates the impression of a lack of professionalism, and consequently potential customers lose trust in the business.

Slow Loading Web Design

The article “Is Your Business Website Design Frustrating Your Customers? Here’s How to Tell” warns you that a web design that is slow to load can be a source of irritation to visitors. The main culprits, according to the article, are bandwidth-heavy images, videos, or Flash effects. Sure, it’s nice to have some bells and whistles, but if your site has too many of these elements, the site will take forever to load. Some would-be visitors will simply abort the loading and move on.

Confusing Navigation

If you think it’s frustrating trying to drive your car to a destination with a set of bad instructions, try navigating some of the poorly-designed websites out there. You don’t need menus within menus, elaborate drop-downs, or an over-crowded homepage. Keep your menu simple and straightforward (though a Site Map and a Search box are always appreciated), otherwise you’ll just gum up the works and people will lose patience trying to navigate your site.

Irrelevant Text

Are you familiar with the acronym TL/dr? It stands for “Too long, didn’t read”. Web surfers have notoriously short attention spans, and the last thing you want to do is to choke your website with content that has precious little to do with your business. Some businesses think it’s nice to have some extra stuff to keep people entertained, but that’s what an entertainment portal is for, and unless your business IS in fact an entertainment portal, there’s no reason for superfluous, off-topic content.

It would be great if the above bad choices were the only offenses out there, but unfortunately, they’re not. However, they ARE among the worst offenders. Stay clear of them, and you’ll keep people at your site longer, perhaps long enough to increase conversions! Of course, if you do want some positives, check out “Boosting Business Through Proper Web Design”.

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