Making Mobile Design Work

Whether they’re around you in a restaurant, almost colliding with you on the sidewalk, or getting hot death stares from you in dark movie theaters, you encounter mobile device users everywhere. Take a good look around; it’s getting to the point that the downward cast, hunched-over position is the default look for 21st century society.

Of course, people can’t be engaged with content that doesn’t exist, which is why mobile design is a big thing today. Just what does the future hold for mobile design?

mobile design
People today want a mobile design that fits all devices

Increased Expectations

Old farts like Yours Truly, who were raised on things like newspapers and glossy magazines, have embraced modern tech with a sense of wonder. We remember rotary dial phones, UHF television, and Pong, so when we see the latest mobile devices and what new things they can do, our first reaction usually is “Wow, what will they think of next?”

Well, so much for the Boomer generation. As we die off and are being replaced by Millennials, the audience is shifting. Millennials are the first generation where the Internet and mobile networking are not these strange, new things, but rather simply a normal, mundane part of life. When confronted by new mobile technology, the reaction is more like “So?”.

Mobile design needs to really knock the proverbial socks off the Millennials and their successors, because they’re jaded. All in all, they expect a better user experience and solid content engagement that can be interchangeable between mobile (e.g. smart phone, tablet) and desktop devices. What’s more, yes, they DO want fries with that.

Ease Of Use In Mobile Design

Today’s average web user has an attention span about the size of a wafer-thin mint. That’s why mobile apps need to be designed with convenience and ease of use. Because when you think of it, the short attention spans started back when desktops were all the rage. Now that mobile usage is making desktops go the way of the triceratops, those former PC and Mac users are bringing those short attention spans with them to the mobile environment.

So, mobile design needs to impress people and be an intuitive, easy to use experience. Is there anything else?

There Needs To Be Customization

Yes, there is. The article “Recap: Mint Talks Mobile Design at MobileBeat” points out that mobile design cannot be “one size fits all”. It’s apparently important to create designs that are unique for the individual user. What one customer values in terms of features, another may not want to have anything to do with. Therefore, designing a mobile app means allowing the customer to be a sort-of designer as well, letting them add or remove features as they want.

The Future Is In The Cards

Finally, there are the cards to consider. Cards are individual pieces of content aggregated together by users, shaped according to their tastes. Twitter uses cards, but the practice is expanding to other sites such as Google, Spotify, and Pinterest.

Cards are self-contained blasts of information that usually feature multi-media content that provides a richer experience for the reader. The card creator can attach videos, images, charts, whatever is needed.

Mobile design needs to take cards into consideration as its popularity grows.

These are just some of the things that need to be kept in mind for mobile designers in the future. It will be interesting to see what comes down the pike in the next few years. If you’re interested in mobile web design, check out “Top Tools For Mobile Web Design“.

photo credit: CrossRoad – Responsive WordPress Magazine / Blog (CC 2.0)

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