web design and layout are the key factor of online Internet success of your business

5 Apps That Make Landing Page Design Easy

When someone clicks a link to your website, the first page they see is called the “landing page”, which, if you think about it, is a fitting descriptive term. This page is where visitors “land” at your site. It’s your front porch, ... Continue Reading →
how to patent a website design

3 Tips to Patent a Website Design

There is often confusion when it comes to a patent, trademark or copyright. A patent is meant to protect a new product or design, often referred to as an invention. Whereas copyright refers to the protection of intellectual property, patents aim to protect a new ... Continue Reading →
best Browser extensions for chrome

10 Chrome Extensions Web Designers Must Have

As an aspiring web designer, you must have already started using Google Chrome. However, the thing is that are you using the browser and the extensions up to full extent. Google Chrome featuresmany useful extensions which are worth testing and exploring. VN:F [1.9.22_1171]please ... Continue Reading →
Importance of Flash web design

The Importance of Flash Game Development in Website Designing

Internet is the most powerful mode of communication right now which makes it the most important platform for advertising and sharing information. Millions and millions of people can be instantly reached through internet by websites, which is why today website designing ... Continue Reading →
Development and Web Design

Web Design Tips for E Commerce Sites

An increasing number of people are turning to the internet for their shopping needs. And why not? The ability to shop from the comfort of your home is a great blessing. An E commerce site needs to be designed to attract visitors who will eventually become your ... Continue Reading →
Future Design Trends in 2013 Review

10 Game Changing Design Trends for 2013

Each year, the technology world is abuzz with new games, applications, internet trends, and more. One of the areas where trends can be seen greatly is in the area of design. 2013 can expect to be the same with many different designs changing and trends shifting. ... Continue Reading →
Liquid Layout vs Fixed Layout for website design

Liquid Layouts vs. Fixed Layouts

Every page needs to have a proper arrangement and sequential ordering of elements and content. This sequential arrangement of content on a web page is called the Layout and the absence of which will look chaotic. A layout specifies information such as the page ... Continue Reading →
Web Development using CSS and tableless web design advantages

Advantages of CSS Tableless Web Designing

Tableless web design or web layout is a type of web design that does not use HTML tables to design the layout. Instead, the style sheet languages like Cascading Style Sheets (popularly known as CSS) are used to create the layout of a page. Introduced in the year ... Continue Reading →
Secrets for Web Designers and Web Developers

Welcoming 2013 – 5 Winning Secrets For Web Designers!

With every new year, people start predicting future. Web designing world is one of the main targets of foretellers. 2013 is coming near and everyone is waiting for the list of predictions about what will be ‘IN’ and what will be ‘OUT’. Web designers have ... Continue Reading →
How to choose a good web designer for your business

Things to Consider While Hiring a Web Designer

Web designing is not what it used to be even a couple of years before. Web designing has become such a complex process that, to give your website a professional look it has to be aesthetically appealing just as much it has to be navigable. It may be tempting for ... Continue Reading →
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