Capitalize On Your Responsive Design In 2014: Read These 5 Highly Valuable Benefits!

Responsive web design has been the hottest trend since the fall of 2012. A responsive web design reduces the use of scrolling, panning and resizing of a web page and gives a smoother way to surf websites. In a nutshell, a responsive web design has a flexible layout that makes it suitable for all sorts of screens, be it smartphone, wide-screen desktop or tablets. As more and more people are using the internet on mobile devices, we can predict that the future is going to be mobile. This means responsive design will become a necessity than just a feature in 2014.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive design is a ‘must’ for people who rely heavily on their websites for revenue. Without a responsive design, they are missing a hefty chunk of visitors who could be their potential leads. So, if your website is still not responsive, there are good chances that you will be lagging behind your competitors. To overcome that shortcoming you need to have your own responsive website, which you can easily set up with some good responsive design tools.

Let’s see take a look at the endless benefits of having a responsive web design.

Accessibility To Your Customers

Visitors, these days, have a preference for surfing only responsive websites. With responsive web design, they are able to surf the web as they would do on their PCs. RWD sites save users from the hassle of searching for a different URL to view a website just because they are using different devices. With a single URL and HTML5 responsive coding, it becomes easier for users to surf the website using any devices. Ultimately, you have higher chances of attracting more visitors to your website.

A Cost-Effective Deal

A responsive design is less costly than its desktop version. With a single responsive web design, businessmen do not have to spend meaty budget on managing multiple websites, i.e., one of a desktop and one for mobile devices. This means there will be only one team that will manage your website and you will cut down on a hefty cost of hiring multiple web designers and online marketers.

Everyone Will Go Mobile

Without a responsive design, you are missing out on a significant share of market of users who use mobile devices. We saw an explosion of mobile traffic in recent years which will further continue in 2014 and beyond. This means there will be more businesses that will invest on responsive design in future. In other words, you will face a cut-throat competition in the upcoming years if your website is not responsive.

Higher Chances Of ROI

A responsive web design ensures higher return on investment. There is more likelihood of a purchase on a responsive website than one that has issues with the design layout. When you facilitate your customers with a responsive design, you make it easier for them to view a single website on multiple devices. They are able to experience the same comfort and ease that they would on their desktops. In a nutshell, if you optimize your website with a responsive design this year, your customers will be able to enjoy more ROI than ever.

Great User Experience

As we have seen an influx in online customers in recent years, we can easily predict that it is only going to multiply in 2014 and beyond. While this is a good sign for online businesses, there are other considerations that must be taken. More online customers mean more challenges in future.

Online buyers tend to be more restless and impulsive. They will not wait if you website takes more than 5 seconds to load. Similarly, they will not bother about benefits your product if your website fails to showcase them impressively. With a responsive design, you will be able to provide your customers with an excellent user experience and avoid such troublesome issues from the onset.

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Capitalize On Your Responsive Design In 2014: Read These 5 Highly Valuable Benefits!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. Catherine Marshall

    Jun 13. 2014

    It’s crazy to see how much companies are paying coders to design them a site that will only work on a desktop computer. Responsive design is definitely a great investment as technology is moving more heavily towards mobile devices. Thanks for sharing!

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