Tools to Create Responsive Web Designs

Responsive web designs are a need of the hour given the evolution in the technology. With internet being available on smartphones, it becomes all the more essential to go in for using responsive web designs.

Thankfully, a range of tools are available that help one in creating a responsive web design and get noticed among the maze of websites that exist.

one website displayed greatly on all desktop and mobile devices using different screen resolutions

Responsive Wireframes

Thanks to its creator, James Mellers, Responsive Wireframes has become extremely popular among those who were looking for a viable tool for creating responsive web designs. This offers mobile and desktop variants of wireframe mockups that includes guided entry, product description among a host of other features.

All you need to do after having Responsive Wireframes is to click the Toggle button on the upper right side and an overview of the distinct elements available on the page will be showcased. This will give you a brief idea of how the tool will work on various devices.


If you are among the breed of developers and designers who focus on content, Wirefy is a necessary have for you. A distinct feature about Wirefy is that it is elegant and simple in its presentation and approach and lets one structure and plan the content according to their needs and priority.

However, to realize the true benefits of Wirefy, you will require a basic code editor along with working knowledge of CSS and HTML.

Style Tiles

Style Tiles is an innovative tool that will keep both its designer and the clients in good mood. It bridges the gap between requirements of the clients and the understanding of the designer, thus helping both come up with a perfect combination that benefits all.

The same is achievable through its Photoshop styled template in which basic layouts, logos and colors can be adjusted and added as per the need.


Bootstrap is unique in the sense that it has been designed by designers from Twitter. This tool makes prototyping a child’s play and relatively easy task to perform. If you decide to use this customization feature, you will be in a position to pick distinct responsive elements that help in making up of a page.


Gridset has also managed to gain popularity owing to its use across a range of spectrum. It works with distinct content management systems including Drupal, WordPress and Joomla. Additionally, you will find that it also works effortlessly with graphic applications as Fireworks and Photoshop.

One can also share grid layouts with other colleagues thus making Gridset a prototyping tool that integrates well through distinct production phases of the website design.

Adaptive Images

This responsive web design tool judges the viewer’s screen size and rescales the embedded HTML images, thus making them suitable for optimum viewing. The tool can be set up in three simple steps and you will need to use libraries that are available through hosts which support PHP.

Responsive web designs are the need of the hour and given the range of tools available to accomplish this task, the same appears quite easy. Go for it and see the difference it makes to your professional presence in the arena.

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