Tips For Designing A SEO Friendly Webpage

If you want to run a successful blog then you need to implement good SEO tactics on your webpage. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. In layman’s terms, this simply means that you’ve done things to make yourself stick out in search engines when people search for keywords relating to your site. Have you ever wondered how Google determined what gets the top spot when you search for a term?

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This is determined through factors relating to SEO. This is a broad topic that can go very in-depth, but anybody can implement basic tactics to ensure that search engines notice your website.

Keep it Updated With Content

When you have a fresh stream of content frequently updated to your website, it shows search engines that you are serious about blogging and are worthy of a higher ranking. You can’t just update it with any kind of content. It needs to be relevant and high-quality. Many people have tried to get away with spamming their blogs with low-quality content, but that does not work. Search engines recognize poorly written content and will punish your rankings for it.

Verify Your Authorship

With the recent addition of Google Plus, standing out in the search engines has become easier than ever. In order to gain an instant amount of authority and trust from your search engine traffic, you need to verify your authorship through this social network. Get a Google+ profile and connect it to your blog. You will then have your photo show up next to your website in search engines.

Choose Relevant Keywords

So, you have the content and the authorship, but how do people find your website? They use keywords. If you have a website about gardening, for example, you need to conduct keyword research on things relating to gardening. The phrase, “how to start a garden” is a great place to start. You then need to implement this keyword throughout your website it articles, your about me page and even in the website tagline. All of these things tell search engines that you know how to teach people how to start a garden.

Get a Great Design

Now that you have good keywords, authorship that gets people to your site and content when you get there, you’re done, right? Not quite. You need a great design. Why? Well, there’s a couple of reasons. People make a decision about the legitimacy of your website in the first three seconds. How? By judging your design. If you want to keep your traffic that you’ve generated through SEO, then you need a great design. There are several options. You can get a professional designer (which will cost you a good bit of money), learn how to use WordPress (which will cost you a good bit of time).  All of these have pros and cons, but the end outcome should be a good looking website regardless of the avenue you take.

While you could dive very deep into the SEO world, these basic tips will help you establish a presence and authority on search engines. After you’ve mastered these, you can move on to intermediate SEO tactics, but there’s no reason to get ahead of yourself. The key is becoming proficient in a few areas before trying to take on anything else. If you bombard your mind with too much information then you will feel overwhelmed and never accomplish anything. Start out with these tips for designing an SEO friendly website then move on from there.

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