Tips to Create an Appealing Mobile Website

If you have been following the computer hardware scenario closely, you will also have read the writings on the wall. Customers, increasingly, are turning towards handheld devices for all their computing needs, you probably know. As a website owner or as a webmaster, you are also probably aware that most Personal Computer manufacturers of late, have been complaining about dropping shipments in 2012, and that an increasing number of people nowadays opt to use smartphones, iPads and iPhones due to their mobility.

How to create a great mobile design website

As a webmaster, you cannot ignore the change in trend for long, because the handheld device is going to drive markets in future. The traditional websites that you have been designing, promoting and optimizing are as a rule oriented more toward hardware that have large display areas. Handheld devices, on the other hand, have severe restrictions in terms of display space which you will need to understand first. The next thing you need to understand is that colors and navigation work very differently on mobile technologies.

Since, the future belongs to handheld devices, little need we to emphasize the importance of having a suitable version of your website to take care of mobile users’ needs. Little we need to tell about the consequence of ignoring the turn of events as they begin to unfurl either. A suitable version does not mean building a website exclusively for mobiles. All that you need to do is tweak your website with the fact in mind that there are severe restrictions to the way browsers render web pages in mobiles.

Here are 6 top tips to make your website appealing and compatible for rendering on handheld devices.

  1. Even before you start designing the web pages, remember that mobile typical users have access only to slow internet speeds. That means you will have to keep the download volume to the minimum possible, so that, users don’t have to wait for eternity for the pages to show on the screen.
  2. Make optimum use of Java and Flash, but ensure that you are using the appropriate version for mobiles. A wrong version, often means that users will not be able to see your pages, and that can be a turn off. Another important action you need to take is scale down graphics and video sizes. They are potentially the most irritating when they download fast enough.
  3. Make optimum use of templates that have been tried and tested over a period of time. Templates ensure that you spend the minimum time for designing your website. One of the best places to look for templates is . There are at least two broad categories of resources aimed at smartphones and mobile phones.
  4. Provide automatic redirect when a visitor is at your website. For this, you need to provide some mechanism to detect the client software that is being used for rendering pages. Automatic redirects can save visitors lots of time, which they will otherwise be using for locating the link that will take them to the mobile version of pages. But, remember to forewarn visitors that they are being redirected, and that in case they don’t wish to be redirected, give them the opportunity to stay at the main page and let them find the link themselves.
  5. Between mobile screens, sizes can vary widely, and so do screen resolutions. Mismatches mean broken displays that give users a poor experience. Designing the right screen size is a subject by itself and can be very different for different makes of mobiles. Some manufacturers provide information about their devices on their website. One of the better known resources you may want to consider for enhancing your knowledge is at
  6. Page weights (the total download volume – usually measured in KB) is never an issue nowadays if designed for PC, because internet connections are usually high enough to render them in seconds. But, that is not the case with mobiles; to be effective, your website’s pages must not exceed 20 KB; better still, if you can keep it smaller than that. For a comprehensive idea on what is optimum size, you can visit and learn the intricacies.

Finally, what you need to understand more than anything else is that mobile technology is relatively new and changes are coming in at mind boggling speeds. So, designing your website is not a fit-and-forget process. Your website’s design, therefore, has to be constantly updated keeping in tune with technological advancements.

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    a mobile web site is a must have now where traffic is shifting to mobile rapidly

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