Getting Started In Web Development

It looks like the whole world’s online these days, and just about every aspect of life can now be found on a website. Naturally, those websites don’t create themselves. For that, you need web developers. Good web developers are always in demand, and it’s a good career to jump into if it interests you enough.

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The ever-expanding popularity of the Internet makes web developers a sought-after commodity

But how does one get started on this awesome track, anyway? What sort of abilities and educational requirements are needed for this career? Let’s take a look at what you need to get into this challenging yet rewarding career.

The Most Wanted Web Development Abilities

A good web designer needs, first of all, an interest in the Web and Internet culture as a whole. Otherwise, it’s like being a dog groomer who can’t stand dogs. Then you need to not only have an interest in the Internet, but also a curiosity as to how sites are put together. An eye for detail is important. After all, there’s a billion mistakes you can make when designing a website, so being able to pay attention to details is key.

In addition to these traits, it’s helpful if you’re good with people. Sometimes, when you’re designing a website, you’re working as part of a team, so it’s prudent that you can play well with others. Then there’s the client. There are forums and social media posts galore that tell the sad tales of clients who are just impossible to deal with, always changing things at the last minute, or asking the impossible. So, you need a degree of patience, communication skills, and the ability to know when you should just bite your tongue and do what you’re asked.

Lastly, Web developers need to maintain a love of learning. If for no other reason, there’s always new designs, scripts, developmental tools, all the latest web development techniques. It’s an ongoing process.

The Academic Necessities

Skills and abilities are one thing, but you also need the educational chops. Larger companies prefer you having a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field. While smaller companies may not be so picky, the compensation will also be less. But whatever you take, your course load should definitely include programming, database management, mathematics, Web design, Web development, and networking.

You’ll need a good command of tools like jQuery, Java, JavaScript, Hypertext Preprocessor, and HTML5. Furthermore, having certification in one or more Web development systems can only help your case. These certifications are offered through training programs, product vendors (e.g. Microsoft), or professional organizations.

The other component you need is, paradoxically, work experience. How do you get web development experience when you’re not a web developer yet? Being part of a development team in some small support capacity, some sort of peripheral role, is the best way to get hands-on experience.

Web developer is one of those high-paying growing jobs that you actually can do without being a total academician. When you get right down to it, a few relevant courses, a little bit of hands-on experience, and a curious, creative mind will get you far.

What abilities and background would you recommend for someone interested in web development?

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