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As a professional web or graphic designer working to grow your client or design agency, it is important to work with professional features and platforms to help with management and efficiency.

The traditional method of website creation has been to hire a designer first and ask him to design the images of your website. Then take those graphics to a coder and ask him to write the HTML code for those images so that when you publish this code online you will get a living and breathing website.

However it was the developers who profited the most from this method. They received 70% of the total amount spent by the client while the designers received a mere 30%.

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Webydo is changing this old method and putting the creative professionals in the driver’s seat of their website creation process. By providing designers with a fully responsive online design studio that also allows them to create, manage and publish websites code-free, they can finally focus on their clients design and not worrying about hiring a developer or coding. The attention is now completely put towards the client and the task at hand.

Webydo is letting designers design the websites without needing any help from the developers. This is because the Webydo’s system is designed to generate the HTML code automatically while the designer is designing his website.

Below I show you how the Webydo’s dashboard works and how you can use it to create a website.

It will be clear to you by the end of this article that Webydo is not just another website creator software. Its features are far more advanced and allow a deeper level of penetration than the traditional site builders.

Creating a site with Webydo is akin to creating the graphics of the website in Photoshop.

inside development and studio webydo

First of all I began with a blank canvass. You can choose a pre-existing template or a layout. But I chose the Blank option to start from scratch.

Initially the screen looked like as shown below.

dev screenshot editor

Now it’s time to begin creating.

Firstly I need a header.

I clicked on the Image option and a small rectangle with an image icon in it appeared on the screen as shown below.

application dev

Now I can click on this icon and upload an image from my computer’s drive. Note that this method can be used not just for creating a header but for uploading any kind of image anywhere on the page.

This is because Webydo utilizes the drag and drop feature. This feature lets you do exactly what it says – drag elements here and there on the page and then drop them wherever you want them to appear.

Anyways I uploaded a header image and then dragged and dropped and pulled and stretched the edges of the rectangle to ensure it appears as I want.

The result is as shown below.

compiled application result

Yes I have used the Text tool to write the name of my website as Planet Earth.

Now of course a website needs text so let me add some more text in it. I clicked on the Text tab again and a box appeared as shown below.

how to set the application title

I clicked on it and deleted all the text. Then I copy pasted a paragraph from the Discovery’s website and the screen looked like as shown below.

change the design of text strings in your web application

Now I felt that the text is too small so I increased the font size through the controls above. Note that the controls in the top side of the screen displayed in the image above are different from the ones displayed in the previous screenshot.

I need to click on the text for these controls to appear.

And just like the image tool this text tool also obeys the drag and drop rule.

So I adjusted the font and dragged and dropped the text box and finally the screen looked like as shown below.

webydo programming steps

Now suppose I wish to add a video.

I clicked on the Video tab above and the screen looked like as shown below.

video graphics development and integration

As you can see the controls of the dashboard have changed again.

I copy pasted a YouTube video URL in the appropriate space and dragged and dropped the rectangle to appear in a proper place.

There are many more features there to explore. The dashboard is your control panel where your creative vision is brought to life. You can take advantage of the professionals like the ability to bill your client for the hard work, and also to use the White Label feature to completely rebrand the CMS to put your company logo front and center.

Go ahead and try out Webydo today by creating a Free account and letting us know what your thoughts are in the comments section below.

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This article is proudly presented by Webydo’s professional community of designers.

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