The relation between SEO and Website Hosting

When we talk about successful Search Engine Optimization or shortly SEO, we actually mean: What can I do to send Google the right signals to move my website up the ranking scale of Googles’ search engine result pages (SERP)?

When we start in this process of SEO to create a concept for our shifted ranking success, we also need to take a close look on how the potential website should be hosted. Page performance and user experience play a huge role in our modern online world. Every online service takes a good advice to satisfy user demand or it has to live with the consequence that there is a new online service launch every week now and losing business to competitors.

Read on to consider the following tips as part of your SEO strategy for your website:

Relation between SEO and web hosting

Shared Hosting or Dedicated Server?

Ok, so let me explain the important difference between a standard (often cheap) shared hosting and a dedicated server plan in terms of the SEO purpose of search engine optimization strategy. In a shared hosting environment, your website shares the same server ip address with thousands or even hundreds of thousands of other websites. This isn’t good for your SEO! Believe me. Many other websites could have used this static server ip address on another domain associated with this single server ip address to use it for spamming or other negative SEO tactics before. If the ip address of your domain gets in trouble, your website is effected directly.

So here comes the dedicated server plan. If you choose a more expensive dedicated server plan, you will receive a single server unit, where only you have access to. Or in other words, you do not share your server ip address with thousands of other domains and websites like a shared hosting plan does.


Important for the performance of a website is the size of the server (processing speed of CPU – central processing unit). This resource is most likely better together with a dedicated server plan. The page speed determines how quickly visitors will see your web pages on browser loading. The faster your server hosting can deliver the page to the user, the better will be the user experience.


To provide good server performance and speed for your visitors, modern web hosting services provide a wide range of customizable product services for worldwide customers. The location of the server should be determined by the geographic locations of primary customers. So, if most of your visitors come from the U.S., your web hosting should be located in the U.S. as well to provide short routings of Internet traffic. If your clients are European based, your server should be located in Europe as well. The same applies to Asian based clients, where Singapore is home of most APJ data centers (because of its modern high speed Internet infrastructure).

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