windows 8 tablets

5 Best Windows 8 Tablets

A tablet is an awesome gadget that fills the need for something more powerful and easier to use than a smart phone, but lighter and more portable than a laptop. But all you have to do is Google the words “best tablets”, and you’ll trigger a veritable ... Continue Reading →
security patches and weaknesses in Microsoft Windows 8.1 version

Security Weaknesses in Windows 8.1

1- “Start” button does not show the start menu After a lot of users complain about windows 8 “start” button is omitted, Microsoft was quick to put the button “start” back in the Window 8.1 version. However, the “Start” ... Continue Reading →
Music and Video apps for Windows 8

Windows 8 Apps For Music Lovers

Who doesn’t love music? Can you imagine anyone living without listening to some sort of music? The Smartphone revolution has let the people go for hunting new apps to enjoy the music of their choice. If you are using Windows phone, then your music hunt is made ... Continue Reading →
Compare Windows 8 and Windows RT Version

Windows RT vs Windows 8 Key Differences

Windows 8, the much awaited operating system from Microsoft is now here, and it is available in three distinct versions: Windows 8 standard, Win 8 Pro (with added features) and Win 8 RT or Runtime. SO is RT or Win 8 the better and more efficient OS version? Let’s ... Continue Reading →
Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Tablets

Top 5 Things to Know About Windows 8 Tablets

Microsoft’s upcoming operating system has been getting a lot of attention. The Windows 8 operating system isn’t done yet and is only available as a developer’s build, but there is plenty of buzz and more than enough rumors spiraling around this revolutionary ... Continue Reading →
Hard Disk Drive File System Restore

File System Corruption While Performing System Restore in Windows 7

A File System defines a standard method for storing and organizing files on any storage media. It plays a key role in storage, organization, manipulation, and retrieval of this data by the computer’s operating system. It is also responsible for distributing clusters ... Continue Reading →

Linux Like Window Focus on mouseover Windows XP

Just a little tip that I think some of you’ll find helpful. As many of you may already be aware, I make extensive use of Open Source tools. For years, I’ve used Linux/BSD on my home workstations and quite a few times have gained success in convincing my bosses ... Continue Reading →
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