Security Weaknesses in Windows 8.1

1- “Start” button does not show the start menu

After a lot of users complain about windows 8 “start” button is omitted, Microsoft was quick to put the button “start” back in the Window 8.1 version. However, the “Start” button in the Windows 8.1 was considered as a decoration rather than a feature, by clicking on the button “Start” familiar Start Menu does not show up, but merely a button click to help turn the Window Start Screen interface.

This mean “Start” button in Windows 8.1 does not seem to make sense and to … merely decorative.

security patches and weaknesses in Microsoft Windows 8.1 version

2- Number of Modern UI Windows is limited

Windows 8 allows you to view only one window at a time Modern applications – improved Windows 8.1, which allow you to divide the screen to view multiple application windows at the same time Modern UI. However, many here means only 2 only. For the desktop, you can open so many (tens, hundreds), the number 2 windows, windows screen Modern UI of windows 8.1 is really meaningless.

3- Click to 4 times to turn off

Since Windows 8.1 also make a trend “always-on” as on tablets or Ultra books. The shutdown (shutdown) on windows 8.1 and you have more word than windows 7 or windows XP.

To turn off your computer right click to 4 times including: moving the mouse to the right corner, select settings, select the “power” and then select Shutdown.

4- Cannot copy file in the Modern UI interface

Modern UI design of Windows 8.1 that allows you to perform more work on the file, and drag and drop the files more easily.

Unfortunately, the system will not allow you to perform actions in the browser or copy file of USB on Modern UI.

5- The message appears and disappears too quickly

On Windows 8.1, records messages displayed on top right corner of your desktop when new content. However, these messages exist only less than 5 seconds and then automatically disappear. So you just need to focus on the screen took a little while you may have missed many important messages. It’s annoying is not it? You cannot sit on the computer and stare at the upper right corner of the screen to wait forever to get the message appears.

6- SkyDrive does not store the entire file offline

Microsoft has integrated cloud storage service SkyDrive deep on Windows 8.1 systems. 2 provide the platform for desktop and Modern UI. However, the only real SkyDrive storage directories and file names on your computer only, which they called “smart files “. This mean that you can always access your SkyDrive folder form the Computer, see the list of files in the directory include full names, and the size of the file extension.

However, unexpected things will happen if you lose your internet connection. Try to access your SkyDrive folder on your computer, files and folders will still appear, but you cannot open the file to be.

7- May not you run the applications not known the source origin

As a better security system, Smart Screen Filter feature in Windows 8.1 you stop opening or installing software of unknown origin. This is actually very effective in protecting you form being attacked by viruses, spyware or any other malicious software.

But if you are an experienced user, can install other anti-virus software through sky number on Windows 8.1 and want to run some applications that you know what it is… then stop running this function may bother you pretty much it.

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