5 Best Windows 8 Tablets

A tablet is an awesome gadget that fills the need for something more powerful and easier to use than a smart phone, but lighter and more portable than a laptop. But all you have to do is Google the words “best tablets”, and you’ll trigger a veritable data avalanche. How can you decide from such a crowded field?

Fear not, for right here you’ll find five tablets that have received some of the best reviews and feedback, and all of them employ Windows 8. Now you are free to spend less time searching for a good tablet, and more time actually enjoying the sheer awesomeness that these models provide.

You’re welcome!

windows 8 tablets
There’s more tablets out there than you’ll find in a bottle of pain relievers. Here’s five that won’t give you headaches

HP Omni 10.1″ Tablet

Considering their good track record in the area of personal computers, it’s unsurprising to find Hewlett-Packard with an entry in this list. The Omni features a 1.4GHz Intel Quad-Core processor, providing excellent performance and response time. This is a good all-purpose machine, ideal for work and play, with the enhanced 3D game graphics really coming through for the latter.

Asus Transformer Book T100TA

Yes, it’s a transformer, but don’t be looking for Optimus Prime or Megan Fox. In this case, “transformer” means that you can switch between using it as a tablet or as a laptop, courtesy of the included keyboard dock. It’s powered by the Intel Atom Z3740 1.33GHz quad-core processor, but what really makes this one stand out is the 11 hours of battery power, and extended standby time of up to two weeks. This is a good device for someone who’s not completely weaned off the idea of laptops.

Dell Venue 11 Pro

Never mind people who can’t bear to part with their laptop, how about people who still carry a torch for their old desktop system? Fortunately, the Dell Venue 11 Pro understands, and features a desktop dock option, as well as a laptop mode. Change can be scary, but this tablet helps you adapt. It’s also fast, powered by an Intel Atom Z3770 1.4 GHz Processor.

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

If you’re looking for a tablet that gives you a slightly bigger display, the Galaxy Note Pro boasts a 12.2″ screen. So yes, this is a slightly larger tablet than you might want, but if you’re into the big picture, then it’s a good fit. It’s ideal for use with the included S-pen, and the enhanced screen space is good for multi-tasking, although the price you pay is its sometimes sluggish performance when you’re running multiple tasks. It also features a Remote PC app that grants you remote access to your PC or Mac.

Sony Xperia Tablet Z

You want light yet rugged? Then the Xperia is the tablet for you. This baby weighs just a hair over one pound, and is water and dust resistant. So, if you like reading in the bathtub, then you’re covered. It’s powered by a 1.5 GHz Qualcomm APQ8064+MDM9215M Quad Core processor that gives you respectable response time. The tablet’s battery life, clocking in at around nine hours, is not as impressive as some of the other models, but if you want a tablet that can take a little (a little, mind you!) punishment, then go for the Xperia.

And so, there you have it; five tablets that are worth checking out. For those of you out there who are undecided as to whether you should choose a smart phone or a tablet, check out this rundown of both mobile devices.

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